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Pilot Seats
The top management of Pilot Taşıt Koltukları San. ve Tic. A.Ş , which is active in the field of design and production of vehicle seat with all its employees ensure the necessary resources and aim for continuously improving since the design of the product to the end of its life compatible with mission , vision , policies of the organization , in accordance with the expectations and requirements of the relevant parties and society.

In order to achieve this goal , the following princibles have been adopted.

  • We will comply with legal and other requirements relating to the environment,
  • We will work to reduce irreversible natural resource needs, energy losses and wastes to the greatest extent possible,
  • We will take the measures that minimize the environmental effects of the chemicals we use in the manufacturing of the seats,
  • In our products, we will use less recycled materials with less environmental impact,
  • We undertake to cooperate with all our employees to achieve the objectives in this policy in order to prevent environmental pollution and protect the environment.
Pilot Seats
+ 90 224 411 02 80