About Company

About Company

Pilot Seating is a worldwide seat manufacturer specialized in all seating solutions including;

Off-road seating for agricultural, construction, mining, forestry, landscape equipment and forklifts trucks, On-road seating for buses and trucks, Passenger seating for minibuses, midibuses, buses, coaches and trams, Interior and exterior seating for marine applications, Driver and passenger seating for railway, Interior seating for offices, theatres, cinemas and auditoriums. Wide range of products which are designed in a modular format allow Pilot Seating to easily offer alternatives to our current portfolio according to customer requirements.

Flexibility and capability of Pilot Seating leads to develop of new models very quickly. We have a dedicated R&D, design, prototype production, tooling, mould production and testing facility by using latest technology.

Our company was founded on the basis of supplying high quality products with competitive prices and this ethos remains today. All developed seats are extensively and continuously tested for performance and durability in the Testing Department of Pilot Seating located in R&D Center by our Quality & Homologation Experts and certified according to applicable ISO and EU Standards.


  • Regulations in our work are carried out in accordance with the law.
  • A sustainable, fair working environment has been created.
  • It is our priority to create a healthy and safe working environment for our employees.
  • Achievements in our work depends on confidence in our company as well as respect and understanding between our employees.
  • There is no discrimination amongst our employees in any way such as religion, language, race, sex, political thought, physical disability or age.
  • We respect the private lives of our employees.
  • It is ensured that our employees can voice their opinions without hesitation.
  • We don’t employ children and don’t accept child employment.
  • We defend human rights and equal opportunity.
  • Our employees do not accept gifts from third parties. Our employees are only allowed to accept gifts in the following situations:
  • Receiving gifts of promotional items
  • Gifts given at events like fairs, seminars, symposiums, education, sports competitions, cultural events, work-related dinners, etc.


is to fulfill our responsibilities based on customer satisfaction and continuous principle to our country,to our employees and to our environment by designing and producing products with international standards which are preffered by customers in our country and the world.


is to increase our market share in sector by taking the customer satisfaction priority.


Our products carry a 24 months warranty which is credit to our quality. Each of our seats carry a Production Sticker which gives us information about the seat and allows us to trace it all the way back to raw materials.

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